Sunday, March 31, 2019

Conrad Kane, Student Work

Site-Specific Art Work
Collaborative Art District, Riberia Street, St. Augustine
Palm Print, 50″ x 150″ bed sheet, suspended on two 20-foot shrimp net poles.
The piece references the history of “Tree Pirates” in St. Augustine.

Ilyssa Harrington, Student Work

Exposing Details: Historic Stories of an Ancient City

Site-Specific Artworks 
Flagler College Advanced Sculpture Students

First Friday Art Walk
St. Augustine, FloridaApril 2018

Sunday, February 24, 2019

HeartBreakers 2019

Poster Design by Natalie Harris

All money raised goes to American Heart Association

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Christian Ard, Student Work

A Site-Specific Art Work
St. Augustine, Florida
April 2018

I highlighted civil rights by creating a replica of the podium that was used by Martin Luther King Jr. to deliver his "I Have A Dream" speech. I decided to incorporate sound into the piece since I was setting up in a busy, public space. I wanted MLK’s voice to be heard among a crowd of present day visitors to St. Augustine. I made an audio file that included excerpts of MLK's speech and MLK speaking to the owner of the Monsoon Motor Lodge in St. Augustine. I looped the video and placed a Bluetooth speaker inside the podium.

The Monsoon Motor Lodge in St. Augustine is a nationally recognized site of racial discrimination. The owner of the lodge poured acid in the pool while African Americans were swimming. MLK visited the site and held a peaceful protest in response to segregation and was later arrested for his action of protesting. 

I chose to present this piece at the site of the Fredrick Douglas Marker on St. George Street. Frederick Douglas played an important role in the ending of slavery. Douglas visited St. Augustine and spoke about emancipation. The marker on St. George Street acknowledges his presence. 

After an hour and fifteen minutes at the Frederick Douglas Marker, two police officers approached me and I was asked to remove the podium. At a later date, I re-assembled the podium and photographed it front of the house that MLK stayed at during a visit to St. Augustine. 

Annie Thompson, Student Work


A Site-Specific Art Work
Corazon Cinema and Cafe, St. Augustine, Florida

The piece consisted of a video presented in the Corazon Cinema and Cafe. The video was looped on the public able to view during First Friday Art Walk. 

The video showcases the depiction of women throughout film history. Inspired by the history of the site as a movie house, I created a short film that highlighted female roles in cinematic history. Prior to housing the Corazon Cinema and Cafe, the building housed Pot Belly's Theater. The history of the building is rooted in a site that functioned as a visual culture source for the community of St. Augustine. The power of film to relay messages about social constructs while providing moments of entertainment is significant to the medium.  

As a woman, I felt a necessary impulse to promote positivity that uplifts the female gender. Currently in 2018, much unsettling news about sexual harassment and assault has come to light. The "Me Too" movement was birthed from the wretched acts of assault against woman. Although these unfortunate truths need to be exposed, I have felt a weighted grief that these situations even exist, and in such a commonly high quantity. Thus, She Is Weis a video that brings a sense of contentedness and positivity to the viewer. Connections between clips and the diverse characters that women play allow the viewer to feel a deep sense of celebration for the glory that woman are. I aim to expose the many contributions women have made to film. 

Link below to watch the video.

Corazon Cinema and Cafe

The building when it was Pot Belly's.