Saturday, January 18, 2020

Caroline McClellan, Student Work

Installed at the Labyrinth, Flagler College Campus.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Fawn Krieger

Experiments in Resistance
  In this body of work, entitled Experiments in Resistance, I press under-glazed and fired clay slabs into ceramic troughs containing wet, usually dyed cement. The clay is pressed at various depths and at different times in the cement's drying time, allowing me to study a vocabulary of haptic pressure as well as the displacement caused from a soft collision between material bodies. I am searching for a concrete archive of resistance, refusal, and displacement as it emerges from the body, and before it becomes connected to language, thoughts, belief systems, and conflict. My materials - clay and concrete - belong both to domesticity and to war. What are the ways in which consequence and impact are physically entwined? What are the traces left in our impressions? What does the memory or record of a body's displacement reveal in its wake?

Inspiration for 25 Objects Assignment

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Conrad Kane, Student Work

Site-Specific Art Work
Collaborative Art District, Riberia Street, St. Augustine
Palm Print, 50″ x 150″ bed sheet, suspended on two 20-foot shrimp net poles.
The piece references the history of “Tree Pirates” in St. Augustine.

Ilyssa Harrington, Student Work

Exposing Details: Historic Stories of an Ancient City

Site-Specific Artworks 
Flagler College Advanced Sculpture Students

First Friday Art Walk
St. Augustine, FloridaApril 2018