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Touch Project Research

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Maria Moyer

Kelly Jean Ohl

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rodney McMillian, b. 1969, South Carolina, USA

In the unforgettable Untitled (2009), he has impaled a familiar IKEA chair with a giant black tube—evoking a sort of industrial-scale phallus enacting sexual violence against a mainstay of bourgeois d├ęcor. 

For Couch (2012), he severed a sateen sofa and pasted it together with a thick band of cement. 

By presenting rather than representing, exposing rather than obscuring, McMillian’s work might seem in direct opposition to the idea of illusion. While this might be true of the work itself, McMillian accomplishes the great feat of destabilizing many of the illusions our society relies on for its survival. We consider our private spaces to be sacred, but they are not isolated from the racist rhetoric and policies that come from the top of the political order. Our leaders assure us that we have come a long way, but racism and inequality persist to this day in ever-evolving ways. McMillian shows us that progress—like comfort, safety, and stability—is an illusion.
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From Asterisks in Dockery, 2012

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Monochromatic and Focal Point

Isabella Vacchi

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How Wine Became Modern, Exhibit at SFMOMA

The "Smell Wall"
The exhibit wasn't just visual — it offered other, less-explored sensory experiences. Although there wasn't any actual wine drinking involved, architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro designed a smell wall, an olfactory exercise that allowed visitors to come to their own conclusions about certain contentious aroma descriptors such as "petrol" and "hamster cage."

Kristina Falck, Designer

I have made everyday objects. For the imagination and for the table.
A composition in which I have worked with function and play.
In ceramics.

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Willem Noyons, Designer