Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Diana Bourgoyne and Robin Ripley, Kinetic and Sound Installation

In INTERFACE/INTERFACING, a suspended needle moves slowly along a thread stretched across the gallery wall. The needle strikes the thimbles creating subtle percussive sound and also triggering the pre-recorded sounds embedded in the electronics. Visitors are invited to intimately experience line and space not only visually but also through movement and sound. Life and art intersect through this drawing together of various art practices and sensory experiences. 

Accompanying the installation is NOTIONS, a series of mixed media works by Robin Ripley, that takes us further into this extra-ordinary experiencing of everyday objects. 

DIANA BURGOYNE’s work addresses the relationships between society, technology, and the human environment. Burgoyne assembles electronic components to create works that appear “hand-made” to humanize what is often perceived as a sterile material. The material, content, and aesthetic of her art practice are developed from the idea of constructing “Electronic Folk Art”. 

ROBIN RIPLEY works with the language of objects, highlighting the composite nature of perception. Her work re-examines familiar objects as well as explores their function as signifiers and repository for sensory information, knowledge and memory. Ripley creates objects that do not exist in the natural world and yet reflect or transmit information about our world and our place in it. 

Numen Gallery
Link here to see more photos and video. 

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